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RLM Licensing Information

Single node locked license installation for AfterEffects:

Just place the license file together with the plugin in your Plug-In’s subfolder “” of your AfterEffects installation. The correct location can be found in the “About…” dialog together with your host id.


For example:


c:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CC 2015\Support Files\Plug-ins\\


/Applications/Adobe After Effects CC 2015/Plug-ins/

The hostid can be obtained via the Effect’s “About…” dialog.

(After license installation, please restart AfterEffects and clear the cache via “Edit->Purge->All Memory&Disc Cache”)


What is a host id?

The host id is the hardware id required for the license. For a single node locked license this is simply the mac address of the specific machine.

Floating licenses  requires the host id of the RLM license server.

After Effects users can find the host id in the plugin’s “About…” dialog.

The host id can also be obtained via the  Keller license utils below.


Single node locked license


A single node locked don’t need a license server. Just create a environment Variable


and set it to the path which contains the license file.


Floating licenses (needs a RLM License Server)


The floating licenses of our software needs the RLM license server to be installed.

Download the license utils for your platform from the resources section below.

This file contains the license server, rlm on Unix, rlm.exe on Windows, the keller ISV license server  (keller.set file).

Place these files together with the license .lic file in the same directory and start the license server.


To enable the users to find the license file or the license server, set the RLM_LICENSE or the keller_LICENSE environment variable to port@host, where port is the port number of the license server and host is the host name or address of the license server.


Resources for Floating Licenses (RLM License Server installation)

Here you can download the platform specific license tools:

KellerLicenseUtils for Windows (64bit)

KellerLicenseUtils for linux (64bit)


More resources and documentation:

Documentation and more resources regarding the RLM license administration: