Superpose is a very effective and time saving tool to remove non-static objects out of a set of pictures or an image sequence with static camera. Superpose is best used as a first cleaning step for creating clean plates.

The power of Superpose is most effective when removing a huge number of objects like snow, rain or crowds.

Compare to other techniques for rain or snow removal like frame-averaging which leaves ghosting shadows, Superpose statistically analyses each pixel and calculates the probability of the background pixel value. This leads to a perfect result.

What can Superpose do for you?

Superpose simply removes moving objects from an image sequence with a static or stabilized camera. The best result is usually achieved the more input pictures you use

  • Remove rain, snow or crowds
  • No need for manual painting. Especially removing a large number of objects can be a mess
  • Increase the weight for better image candidates and tweak the result
  • No ghosting effects compare to frame averaging
  • Use and combine multiple Superpose nodes for different settings in different image areas


These examples where made within one minute and with NO additional manual work. Just one Superpose node. That’s all!


A documentation can be found here.

A documentation for AfterEffects is also included in the download archives.


Superpose is currently available vor Nuke 8+ (Win64, Linux64) and AfterEffects CC2015 (Win64, OSX64)

Superpose for Nuke:

Superpose for After Effects:

Just simple to use